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As you may (or may not) know, the Flex Family is on its way.

The Flex leggings are an iconic Gymshark design, and, they are growing.

Now, we don’t mean that literally, of course.

We mean, the family is growing, and we will soon be welcoming a few newcomers to the ever-expanding Flex range.

So, just in time for the new additions, we figured it was time to enlist the help of our athletes, to let you know what they love, and how they style the Flex.

Shall we?

Hanna Öberg- “I love the fit of the Flex collection; stays in place, squat and sweat proof, also, they come in fierce colours! What more could you ask for?”

Isabela Fernandez- “The flex are the comfiest leggings ever! Perfect for leg days, or when you need a liberated range of motion, like during yoga! I always wear my Flex leggings with my Seamless crop tops.”

Maryana Dvorska- “The Flex leggings were the leggings that sparked my interest in purchasing from Gymshark. It has been amazing to watch the Flex leggings evolve over the years- they are one of the most flattering leggings Gymshark offers!”

Noel Arevalo- “The Flex leggings are one of my favourite leggings! I have worn many leggings in my life, and they are by far the most flattering I have come by.”

Taylor Chamberlain- “The Flex collection is one of my absolute favourites. There are a TON of leggings out there that are not “leg day/squat” proof- meaning they are see-through during any leg day exercise. The Flex leggings are not only squat proof, but the waist band ensures they do not fall- down! Another thing I LOVE about the Flex leggings; the contouring fabric outlining the glutes and hamstrings- extremely flattering! <3

If that wasn’t enough, here are more reasons as to why the athletes love the Flex… oh, and a little style guidance too.

Chloe Ting- I love the new colour range! The Flex sports bra is actually my favourite Gymshark sports bra, great support and so comfortable.

I wear it with the short sleeved Flex crop top, or the Seamless tops! It suits most colours, since the light grey is easily paired with any other colour.

Elizabeth Zaks- I absolutely love the Flex because it is a Gymshark signature piece. No other company has anything like it! Gymshark has grown in to such a huge brand, whenever I go to the gym – no matter where I am at – I see the Flex leggings, and I feel like I automatically have a friend at the gym. The unique style, the stretch, the number of colours available, and ways you can style it, are what makes the Flex range one of my favourites. Everyone wants to know what the Flex leggings are- and where you got them from! 

Ashley Barron- The Flex range is one of my favourites because it flatters EVERY BODY, so, everyone looks, and feels, beautiful. The colours and contour of the Flex range are simple, yet so unique. As an outfit, I typically wear the full set together (bra and leggings), with a simple tank top, like the Gymshark Breeze vests! 

Now you know why our athletes love it, it’s time to find out why you will love it…

The Flex Family will launch on Wednesday the 27th of September, at 3pm BST.


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