A Revolution | The Seamless High Waisted Leggings


A Revolution | The Seamless High Waisted Leggings


The Seamless leggings were released on the 25th of April, 2017.

We thought the Flex leggings were popular, but wow, you guys sure do like the Seamless leggings. Although, can we blame you? 

Designed with a beautifully flattering high waisted fit (a fit we know you love), and complete with lace detailing at the ankle, the Seamless leggings are a stunning wardrobe addition. 

When we release a new product, we are always excited, nervous, apprehensive… And why shouldn’t we be? 

We want everyone to fall in love with Gymshark products as much as we do. Every piece of clothing is a labour of love.

So, when the Seamless leggings were an instant hit, we were instantly humbled. 

Your response left us in awe. Was it possible you loved the Seamless leggings as much as the Flex? 

"I wanted to create something that matched the hype of the Flex. The Seamless is pretty, but it performs." Lois Woodcock (Senior womenswear designer)

Well, who can blame you?

Complete with fabric shading in all the right places, moisture wicking capabilities, and an ultra-lightweight material blend, the Seamless Collection has always been incredibly popular, and we can understand why.

On the 13th of July, we will be releasing the high waisted Seamless legging in two new colourways. 

The stunning beetroot colour is bound to become your new favourite, just in time for the summer, and the slate grey marl? Well, what can we say. A timeless classic. 

Don't blend in to the crowd. Stand out

The Seamless high waisted leggings will launch in two new colourways on the 13th of July, Thursday, at 3pm BST.


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