6 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started The Gym | FRANCESCA JACKSON-SPENCE

6 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started The Gym | FRANCESCA JACKSON-SPENCE


Hello Gymshark family! 

I have had a little break from writing whilst finishing off my medicine degree but now I’m back and I’m ready to add to the wealth informative content on Gymshark Central! If you haven’t been keeping up with me on Instagram, you can find me here

The gym can be an intimidating place to go when you’re first starting out, everyone seems to know what they’re doing and there’s so much equipment, where do you start!?

I probably wasted the first 12 months of my gym membership counting calories on a cross trainer and wondering why I was getting no where near my goals, so if that’s you, this post is for you! 

1. No one is looking at what you’re doing: This is probably the biggest thing I’ve learnt! Most people in the gym are there to get their sets done and are oblivious to what you’re doing next to them! I used to think people were watching me when I felt uncomfortable doing a new exercise, but actually in hindsight, it was my own insecurity when I was first learning the exercises. Often people are looking because they are interested in the exercise you are doing, rather than criticising your form in their head! 

2. Find a style of training you enjoy: You don’t need to do what the girls on Instagram are doing, if you don’t enjoy that style of exercise. If you enjoy running on a treadmill because you like getting sweaty, then ignore the ‘cardio to weights’ transformations and you continue doing what you enjoy! I definitely believe in giving everything a go to find what you love. I’ve tried classes, HIIT, LISS, body building, Crossfit and strength training. I think I prefer a mix of all these things, and don’t label myself into one category. I got so caught up in the body building mind frame a few years ago, but now I get much more satisfaction from watching the weights I’m lifting going up rather than obsessing over how quickly my muscles are visibly growing

3. Take days off: When you first get into the gym, it is hard, you feel exhausted after every session and you can find it a struggle to go. After a few weeks, you will start seeing progress, it becomes part of your daily routine and will probably end up loving it! It definitely becomes addictive and it can be easy to go everyday. Once I learnt that rest days were needed to allow my muscle to recover and grow, I actually saw more progress and growth.

4. Plan your workout and write it down: If you’ve had a busy day and you’re tired and don’t really feel like hitting the gym, it’s much easier to find the motivation to go if you know your workout is pre-planned and ready to go! It’s also wise to plan your training routine on a monthly basis so you can see your progress, rather than going into the gym and doing a random mix of exercises without any plan. 

5. Eat smart: If you’re training properly, your calorie expenditure will increase. Depending on your style of training and intensity, you could be burning around 250- 600 calories per gym session. If you’re dieting too hard on top of this you’ll have created quite a large caloric deficit that could actually be hindering your fat loss. So make sure you take your extra calories burnt into account and fuel your sessions well!

6. Be social: If you take your earphones off and actually chat to the people in your gym, you might just make some wonderful friends! Think about it, every single person on the gym floor shares an interest in common with you- their passion for training! I’m not saying interrupt people’s workout to chat for the entire hour, but be social and friendly and you might be surprised! 

I hope you find these tips useful! 



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