5 workout myths you might be falling for

5 workout myths you might be falling for


Living a healthy lifestyle is more popular than ever; however, this means that there is more incorrect information out there too. 

Miracle claims and detox products are everywhere right now, and there are a lot of workout myths you might be falling for. 

Luckily, we’ve got your back. 

Here are 5 workout myths BUSTED by @wellnessnwander

More cardio = more weight loss 

This isn’t necessarily true and is a misconception a lot of people fall for. 

Spending all your time on a treadmill sweating buckets does not mean you will lose body fat automatically. 

What will help you lose weight is a healthy mixture of good nutrition, weight training, cardio and rest days.

You can spot-reduce fat

We have all seen the workouts on Instagram and Pinterest that claim to be the miracle you have been waiting for to get the body you want. 

However, you simply can’t spot-reduce fat. 

You need to lose body fat all over using a combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise. 

You should be in the gym every day

This is definitely not true. 

Rest days in between workouts are just as important as the exercise itself. 

Not letting your body and muscles recover can lead to fatigue and injuries which will ultimately stop you from exercising at all!

No pain, no gain

DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, is a relatively normal sensation to experience a day or two after a workout, however, if you experience pain during an exercise it could mean you are doing something wrong and at risk of injuring yourself. 

You might get that familiar muscle burn, but if you find that your lower back is in agony every time you squat, this is a not a pain you want to be pushing through.

 If you feel like the pain is abnormal, it probably is, and so it is worth double checking that your form is correct! 

Using heavy weights will make women bulky

Testosterone is a hormone found naturally in the body which can increase muscle mass when lifting heavy weights. 

Men have much higher testosterone levels in their bodies, which makes them more prone to bulking up. 

If a woman and man were to lift the same weight, they wouldn’t end up with the same body composition due to the lower levels of testosterone in women.

This myth can scare women out of the weights room. However, weight training can be a great way to lose fat and also challenge yourself. 

It can be a tricky task to figure out what fitness claims are true or false, but the 5 above will help you to make a start. 

Hannah (@wellnessnwander


What other common workout myths have you heard? Let us know in the comments below and let's get them busted! 


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