5 Ways to Feel More Energised The Morning After A Sleepless Night

5 Ways to Feel More Energised The Morning After A Sleepless Night


Morning Person: A person who wakes up, without difficulty, early each morning and is alert and active during the first part of the day. 

I know, we're not convinced either...

Research shows that the average adult needs around seven to eight hours of sleep per night and although this might sound easy, the reality is that the hours of the day often get away from us and before we know it, it's 4 hours 'til our alarm.

As a result, we either find a way to live as a 'zombie' version of ourself or, we don't. Remember Jenny's office breakdown last week when there wasn't any milk left to make her afternoon cuppa? Yeah, she definitely didn't get her eight hours.

But, as always, we're here to help.

Here's 5 easy ways to feel more energised after a sleepless night. Introducing: a new and improved, morning version of yourself...


Whether you've personalised the sound of your alarm (hate that song yet?) or kept its original piercing jingle - we're telling you, don't snooze the alarm.

However tempting it might be to doze off for a few extra minutes, your clever brain is fully aware of what precious little time you have left in bed, resulting in a less than restful sleep. So all in all, you'll probably end up feeling worse for the extra half hour you thought you were treating yourself to. Ironic, right?

Our advice? Set your alarm for when you actually need to be up! No snooze, no lose.


We get it. A double-patty burger and large PepsiMax sounds incredible right about now, but did you know your body is more likely to crave sugar and carbs when you're sleep deprived?

The reason why? It'll give you short-lived energy.

The downfall? You'll eventually crash after that sugar high wears off.

Instead, opt for fruit or whole wheat snacks; these will take longer to digest and actually provide a steadier, longer-lasting supply of energy throughout the day.

Need some inspo? Try your eggs with avocado... it may have been branded basic white girl by IG's finest but trust us, it's delicious.


Whilst throwing back your fifth coffee might seem like the only option, it's important to drink the steamy brew in moderation.

If you typically get your coffee fix in the morning, then continue to do so when feeling sleep deprived.

However...be careful about drinking more than 1-2 cups during the day to compensate for your zombie demeanor - you really can have too much of a good thing. Too much caffeine can make you jittery and even reduce your appetite, preventing you from getting the nutrients you need to stay energised throughout the day.


It may sound brutal, but just a few seconds of cold water in your morning routine can make all of the difference.

If you can't handle an entirely cold shower, try to end your bathing routine with at least 30 seconds of cold water. This will help increase alertness and actually get your blood flowing. 

Make sure you drink your H20 also - dehydration causes fatigue...so, stay hydrated throughout the day and keep your energy levels up.


Get your blood flowing by working out in the morning or going for a walk.

Exercise helps boost your energy levels and wakes up your brain/body which as a result will help you get a better nights sleep which you'll be thankful for if you're a little sleep deprived.



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