5 Tips To Not Feel Food Guilt This Christmas

5 Tips To Not Feel Food Guilt This Christmas


Christmas is all about spending time with our loved ones, relaxing and enjoying ourselves. However, it is hard to ignore the headlines that attempt to make us feel food-guilt instead of encouraging us to eat what we like, when we like during the festive week. 

Telling us to swap Christmas pud for Brussel sprouts is all well and good, but doesn’t that take away from the spirit of Christmas?

Here are 5 tips to help stop food-guilt this Christmas.

Keep in mind that no foods are ‘bad’

Some foods are more nutritious than others and will make you feel energised and generally healthier, but no food should be labelled as ‘bad'. Chocolate, pies, cake and cheese may be higher in fat and carbs, but that doesn’t make them ‘evil’. 

Demonising types of food can lead to an unhealthy relationship with one of the things that keep you alive.

Remember that Christmas won’t ‘ruin’ your fitness progress

Right now there seems to be a lot of pressure to be mindful of our diet and exercise regime all the time. However, you have every right to say “no” to your normal routine if you want to. 

Christmas events like family dinners, numerous pub visits and the big day itself lasts about two weeks altogether, so remember, you have 50 other weeks in the year to achieve your fitness goals. If you want a Christmas drink, go for it! If you don’t want to, simply don’t. 

Decide for yourself what is right or wrong for you.

Take charge and challenge your food-guilt

If you start having intrusive, food-guilt related thoughts, take charge of what’s going on and challenge those thoughts. Ask yourself, “why should I feel guilty for having a third helping of the cheese board?!” It’s just cheese. It’s a week of celebration, relaxation and fun.

If you want more cheese, have more cheese.

Food guilt should not be welcome at Christmas so try your best to challenge that niggling little voice telling you to put the plate down. 

Ignore the ‘New Year New You’ emails

It is inevitable that your inboxes will start filling up with emails promoting miracle diet products and must-have detox teas. 

Fad products and crash diets are not the answer at any time of the year, so don’t fall for them at Christmas either!

Please enjoy yourself this Christmas without food-guilt. Take time to focus on spending time with those you love and enjoy yourself however you want to - whether that is eating veg, eating chocolate, or having a little bit of both. 

Han (wellnessandwander.com)

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