5 Tips For A Better Home Workout

5 Tips For A Better Home Workout


Having an effective workout at home can be somewhat of a challenge, with numerous distractions and that all-too appealing sofa and TV combo staring us right in the face...

Use these five tips to take your home workout to the next level, and achieve your fitness goals.

Turn off the TV

This goes without saying. Ain't nobody gonna' have a good workout watching the X Factor... Turn the TV off, blast your favourite high-tempo tunes and create an atmosphere right there in your living room, that will allow you to focus on the workout.

Use a stopwatch

Working to rep ranges can be great, but for bodyweight and HIIT based exercises; having specific work and rest periods can lead to a shorter, more intense workout. 

Tip: Try doing 30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest for five exercises = short, effective workout that will definitely work up a sweat.

Plan your workout

Even if your session is at home, it's just as important to plan your workout and hold yourself accountable, doing so will help you to progress your training, building your fitness levels.

Plan your sessions effectively by writing out workouts in advance, adding slight progressions in each one. Taking tiny steps in each workout will leave you amazed when you look back at how far you have come since the start of your journey.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Work your full body

It may be easy to roll out a mat, lie on your back and do a few crunches... which, if your goal is to build core strength, that's fine. But if your intentions are bigger, such as increasing your cardiovascular fitness, strength or to lose weight, then you need to keep it full body for the best results.

Working your entire body will elevate your heart rate further and leave you battling fatigue much sooner, resulting in your body recovering, adapting and coming back stronger each and every-time. Not to mention the much higher level of energy expenditure during full-body exercises in comparison to targeting certain body parts during a home workout.

Challenge yourself

This may be straightforward, but it's undoubtedly THE most important tip on this list.

A real workout needs grit, determination and maximum effort; no matter your environment, there should be no excuses.

Push yourself to be a fitter version of YOU. It may be difficult, but at the end of the day, it really is you vs you; so make sure you win.



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