5 Popular Restaurants you can track on MyFitnessPal

5 Popular Restaurants you can track on MyFitnessPal


If you’re tracking your macros, eating out can be tough. However, these 5 restaurants can all be found on MyFitnessPal– no guesswork necessary and you can plan in advance!

Everyone’s a winner. 


You’ll be pleased to know that your go-to katsu curry order can easily be tracked on MyFitnessPal

1 Chicken Katsu curry comes in at 935 calories, 9.4g of fat, 11.9g of carbs and 9.6g of protein. 

Not a katsu curry kind of person? No worries! A quick search and most of the Wagamama’s menu macros can be found on the app. 

Five Guys

Just when you thought Five Guys couldn’t get any better, you can now track your meal on MyFitnessPal

A double cheeseburger from Five Guys comes in at 840 calories, 55g of fat, 39g of carbs and 47g of protein. 


A favourite here at Gymshark Central, the place to go for your peri peri fix can also be tracked on MyFitnessPal. 

For a chicken in a pitta (without any mayo) you’re looking at 334 calories, 4.9g of fat, 36.1g of carbs and 35.6g of protein. 

Can’t cope with the mayo? We feel you. Just give all of your extras a quick search, and you will soon have tracked your whole meal. 

Fancy a Nando's but can't fit it in? Check out this cheeky Nando's fakeaway. You are welcome.

Pizza Express

Want to go a little fancier? Pizza Express has got your back. 

It has pretty much it’s entire menu on MyFitnessPal, and the vegan Giardiniera classic is no exception. 

This plant-based pizza comes in at 825 calories, 35.7g of fat, 99.8g of carbs and 21.4g of protein. 

The pizza express starter essential, dough balls, are also on there and come in at 361 calories, 16.4g of fat, 42.4g of carbs and 9.1g of protein. 


Last but not least, we had to mention McDonald's. 

You can now enjoy your go-to hangover breakfast and be able to track it (you know, if you really want to)

For your typical cheeseburger, you’re looking at 313 calories, 14g of fat, 33.1g of carbs and 15.4g of protein. 

Easier to fit in than you thought, right? 

It can be difficult to fit eating out into your macros, however, been able to find them on MyFitnessPal and track in advance is a great way to stay in control and continue smashing your goals while not feeling restricted. 

Which is your favourite restaurant out of these 5? Are you a Nandos lover or more of a Wagas sort of person? 

Let us know in the comments below and share any other restaurants you love that can be found on MyFitnessPal. 


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