5 Minutes With... | Romane and Lisa Lanceford


5 Minutes With... | Romane and Lisa Lanceford


Firstly, we've got to say a massive congratulation on the wedding! Has reality set in yet?

Both: Thank you!

R: Hmm...I don't know, I don't think it will because honestly, we don't feel any different. I guess it's because we've always been so close, it genuinely doesn't feel like anything has changed.

L: He introduced me today as his wife for the first time and that sounded so strange! I haven't said it yet, but I know when I say 'oh this is my husband' it'll feel really weird.

We're curious. How did you propose?

R: I proposed to Lisa after 3 months of knowing her, but it was actually after the first month that I knew I was going to propose. I asked her parents after a month...I'd only met them twice!

They obviously said yes...right?

R: Yeah - immediately! They knew how we were together, but I had to keep it a secret for months. I knew that I wanted to propose at the Trevi Fountain so I booked the trip in October for February (2016).

I picked her up from work, took her for a meal and I had written on envelopes; 

  1. Hey Baby.
  2. I love you.
  3. Pack your things.
  4. Because in the morning, we're going to Rome.

We got to Rome and I was trying to navigate our way there - I had a GoPro in one pocket and the engagement box in another - so whenever she tried to put her arm around me, I was like Oooh, stay away!

We were approaching the back of the Trevi Fountain and I had imagined it to be quite quiet but I heard the roar from streets away so, when we got there, I was just like 'nooo'

L: He was s***ing himself!

R: Thing is, I knew where I wanted to propose and it was right at the front of the fountain, so we cut through, I snuck the GoPro on my head and I got down on one knee and it was ultimate silence. Everyone could see and everyone knew.

L: I started crying, I couldn't believe it - I honestly, had no idea!

We saw that you had a Krispy Kreme tower at your wedding! *oh, so jealous* Why did you decide to steer away from the traditional wedding food?

R: We just wanted to make it our day in every single sense.

L: Yeah! We wanted it to reflect us and our personalities. Sometimes weddings can be boring, and we wanted ours to be a chilled vibe, everyone just enjoying it! 

Also, because we're such food fanatics, we have to say that we do love bad food as well - so on that day, we we're like 'let's just go all out'

Now that you're here, how do you like the new GSHQ?

L: It's amazing, it's insane. Nice and chilled!

R: It's a pretty cool place - it doesn't feel like the workplace that it is! So much work gets done here, but it doesn't feel like that, it's so chilled.

Currently, what is your favourite Gymshark outfit? In, or out of the gym?

R: Mine has to be the leggings...for men!

*George Hickton - Sponsorship Executive takes over* 

G: Don't lie, you love a pair of the Ombre Leggings! He's always asking 'can I get the pink ones?' and we're just sat here like 'Romane again mate, c'mon'.

R: They're for Lisa, I promise! But, no, the Element Baselayer Leggings for sure - I love the freedom of them!

Lastly, it's a bit of a weird one - would you rather have fingers as long as toes or toes as long as fingers?

R: Well, Lisa has got toes as long as fingers, so it's funny you should say that.

L: I actually do, that's not even a lie, my toes are like twiglets. 

R: Fingers as long as toes, or toes as long as fingers...that is the weirdest question.

L: I think I'd rather have long fingers. Wait... is that even an answer?

R: No, so you'd have to swap them over - toes on your fingers and fingers on your toes?

Both: Fingers on your toes - monkey toes.

G: But then you've got your toes on your hands...No, wait...I don't understand the question

*At this point, we won't lie, we completely lost the meaning of the question too...*

G: Fingers as long as toes, or toes as long as fingers...so we're swapping them? So, little toe-hands?

R: But then you'll just be the same if they were the other way round, you'd just have your fingers back on your fingers

G: Hold on, is this question right? I think we've got a little too in-depth...

Hysterical laughter ensued. We'll never speak of this question again...

The interview is officially over.

Thank you Romane and Lisa!

Check back next week, you never know who it may be...


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