5 Minutes With... | Beth Tomlinson

5 Minutes With... | Beth Tomlinson


How do you like the new Gymshark HQ?

It’s very techy! Nice and clean and there are loads of chill areas which is so cool!

Do you have a favourite area having seen it?

Hmm…I would say next to the boardroom area! There are loads and loads of plants, like cactus’ – I dig that!

What do you think of Refuel? You didn’t get to eat there last time you visited did you?

Oh, I love that as well! No, I didn’t – it was so so busy! It’s nice now just to walk around without it being so busy. So much more chilled and you’re able to fully see everything.

You’ve finished Uni! How were the last few months?

Poo, so poo! Wait, can I say poo?

Ah, that pretty much summarises it anyhow! It was hard, exams – I hate exams – I’ve never been good at them. I’ve always been good at assignments, so having 5 exams just felt like an absolute nightmare.

Being completely honest with you, I took time off of the gym, time of everything really to fully focus on my exams.

So, now that’s done and out of the way, I feel like I can carry on and enjoy the things that I used to enjoy. No more stressing about juggling everything!

It was stressful, but I’m glad I’ve done it.

What are your plans for summer? Do you have any exciting plans or projects coming up that you want to tell people about?

Just getting back to what I was doing and more! Obviously, on the social media side of things - get my Instagram back to how it used to be, and I also have a lot of plans for YouTube!

Maybe even a few long-term business plans in the background…who knows!

What is your favourite Gymshark outfit at the moment? In, or out, of the gym…

That’s really hard! I’d probably say the Slounge Collection. Now, I know that I shouldn’t be wearing it to the gym – I know that’s a no-no and I try not to – I promise!

But…it’s just so flattering! It’s high waisted, ribbed material – so my thing!

If you’re talking about proper gym stuff, then the Seamless! So, so flattering. It hugs in the right place…bum contouring…I dig it!

Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or a thousand duck sized horses?

Just one horse sized duck. I’d be nimble and like float underneath and it hit it from the back so that it wouldn’t catch me. I’d be a ninja!

Lastly, do you have anything to say to Gymshark Central before we end? Do you have a catchphrase…

Oh, I don’t know if I have one!

Catch me on the flipsideeee, or…see you later crocodile – I like that one!

The interview is officially over!

Thank you, Beth!

Check back next week, you never know who it may be...


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