5 best protein bars that aren’t full of sugar

5 best protein bars that aren’t full of sugar


Protein bars might seem like a convenient way to get your protein and stay on track with your fitness goals. However, you might be surprised to hear that your favourite 'healthy snack' might have more sugar in than a chocolate bar! 

Luckily, there are some protein bars on the market that aren't full of sugar. 

Here are some of our favourites. 


They might be a little lower in protein than other protein bars on the market, but when it comes to sugar content, KIND STRONG bars are some of the best out there. Some of the flavours are higher than others, so make sure you double check the label. However, their Madagascar Vanilla flavour comes in at 210 calories, 7 grams of protein and only 4 grams of sugar.

Bulk Powders Macro Munch 

While Bulk Powders Macro Munch do contain a lot of artificial sweeteners (something to look out for when going for low sugar protein bars), their sugar content is relatively low. For the Brilliant Birthday Cake flavour, you’re looking at 20g of protein (a lot more than with KIND STRONG bars) and only 2.9g of sugar.

They’re also pretty high in fibre – great news for if you’re struggling to hit your recommended daily fibre intake. 

Quest Protein Bars 

Another one where you should probably keep your eyes peeled for the sweeteners, Quest protein bars have a decent 20g of protein in them per bar, 14g of fibre and only 1g of sugar. 

Each bar contains 190 calories and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the chocolate-hazelnut combo? 

Kirkland Protein Bars 

With 21g of protein, 15g of fibre and only 1g of sugar, the Kirkland chocolate chip cookie dough protein bars come in as the best so far! 

If you’re counting, they’re also one of the most calorie friendly, coming in at 190 calories for a 60g serving. They’re also made from 100% Protein isolate – the perfect post-gym snack. 

Oatmega Omega-3 Protein Bar 

Chocolate and peanut, arguably one of the best flavour combinations there is, made even better by the fact this gluten-free, non-GMO protein bar comes in at only 5g of sugar, 7g of fat and 200 calories. 

The sweetness comes from monkfruit extract, popular among those following a low-carb diet as it is between 150 and 200 sweeter than normal sugar, and more natural than refined sugars. 

When opting for low sugar protein bars, it is worth considering the other ingredients are in there that make it so sweet. If you prefer to know exactly what’s going into what you’re eating, you could always make your own at home, using your favourite protein powder and ingredients such as nut butter, dried fruits, cacao etc. 

What are your favourite low sugar protein bars? 

Let us know in the comments down below. 


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