4 reasons you should never skip your warm up

4 reasons you should never skip your warm up


We’ve all been there. You start with good intentions: you get to the gym with full enthusiasm and want to get stuck into your big compound lifts or your 5K run right away.

You ask yourself, what harm can it really do skipping your warm up just this once? Just this once easily becomes every deadlift session, and soon you’ve given up warming up altogether. 

It might seem like a waste of time, but trust us, warming up before every session is vital. Here's 4  reasons why you should never miss a warm up. 

Improved performance 

Whatever the focus of your session, warming up beforehand has been proven to seriously improve your performance. 

By increasing your blood temperature and the speed of blood flow, you’re also increasing the sensitivity of nerve receptors. This means faster nerve impulses, which means quicker and more effective training. 

A rise in the temperature of blood also results in a weakened bond between oxygen and haemoglobin. You might wince at the thought of weakening anything before hitting the gym, but when the bond between these two weakens, oxygen is more available to your muscles, resulting in improved endurance.

Not jumping immediately onto the treadmill could mean that when you do get on it, you’re able to go longer and harder. 

Reduced risk of injury

No surprises here, but warming up decreases your chance of getting injured during your work out. The clue is in the name, but this is because your ‘warm up’ increases the temperature of your muscle, making them more pliable and ready to work. 

After warming up, they are able to contract and relax safely and with more power, speed and efficiency. 

Improved Flexibility 

You probably won’t be able to drop into the splits after a 10-minute warm up, but this short preperation does help to improve your flexibility. Improved flexibility means a reduced chance of injury and an increased range of motion. 

Not only does this help with everyday life, greater range of motion also means a greater chance of hitting your squat depth – winning. 

Get your head in the game

After a full day at work, your mind is likely not to be on hitting your latest PB. Giving yourself time to warm up provides a great opportunity to clear your mind and helps you focus on the workout ahead.

Being mentally prepared for your workout is a crucial part of having a successful session, so even if your body feels ready, give your mind time to get in the game. 

There are countless reasons why you should be warming up before every single session. It might seem like a pain at the time but trust us, your body will thank you for it. 

Do you make time to warm up every session or are you guilty of skipping it?


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