4 Of Our Favourite Self-Love Books

4 Of Our Favourite Self-Love Books


As great as self-help books can be, they sometimes have a reputation for being cheesy, overly earnest, or unrealistically optimistic. We get that they're not for everybody...

But, whilst they don't necessarily contain the "key to happiness" or fulfil any particularly lofty promises, they can, at the very least, help to normalise what you're feeling or experiencing.

So, in the same way that you might listen to a sad song or watch a tearjerker movie when you're feeling down, reading a self-help book that relates to what you're going through can help you feel less alone. 

Whether you're working on becoming more confident, trying to get through a breakup or simply trying to understand your emotions, there's something out there for you.

Read on for 4 books we love when you need that extra little bit of guidance or inspiration.

THE POWER OF NOW | Eckhart Tolle's

It's been called a bestseller for a reason...

Even if you aren't into the whole "spiritual enlightenment" kind of thing, The Power of Now is all about living in the present. Something anxiety can often stop people from doing. 

UNFU*K YOURSELF | Gary John Bishop

The title says it all.

Gary John Bishop's book is a no-frills look at overcoming anxiety. If you tend to get wrapped in your own head, this is the book for you.


Whoever said that being awkward is a bad thing?

Melissa Dahl's 'Cringeworthy' puts a new spin on embarrassing situations and looks at them as opportunities to grow. By the end of it, you'll be embracing the next weird thing you do in public instead of cowering in shame. 

F*CK FEELINGS | Michael I. Bennett, MD and Sarah Bennett

While most self-help books are all about getting in tune with your emotions, F*ck Feelings adopts a more 'Frank Ocean attitude': Feelings come, feelings go.

Because of that, both authors argue that you shouldn't act only on your emotions. It's more than that - the book delves into how you can keep your feelings from making you act impulsively.



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