3 Ways to Improve Mindfulness

3 Ways to Improve Mindfulness


Living in a world with never ending distractions it can often become overwhelming and time can seem to slip on by whilst stress levels rise.

Here are our top 3 ways you can improve your mindfulness each day


Take 10 minutes out of your day to bring yourself back to reality and focus on the present, acknowledging your feelings and thoughts.

Our favorite mobile apps for this are Calm & Headspace, both take unique approaches and make quick meditation simple and effective. Both apps are free to trial.


Our lives revolve around screens and technology whether we’re at school or work, leave them behind and have a mini adventure on foot, taking notice of your surroundings.

Taking a daily 30 min walk has been shown to increase mood and contribute towards weight management.


The foods we eat and the contents of our diet contribute hugely to our emotions and the way we feel.

More studies are starting to identify to relation between our gut health and anxiety levels, eating a balanced diet from whole foods and natural ingredients will not only power your brain but also your mind.

Got your own mindfulness tips you’d like to share with the Gymshark Community? Leave your comments below!


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