10 fitness and nutrition podcasts you need to start listening to | Part One

10 fitness and nutrition podcasts you need to start listening to | Part One


Looking for some fitness and nutrition podcasts to get you through your cardio session? We’ve got your back. 

Ted Talks Health 

If you haven’t heard of TED Talks then where have you been? 

TED Talks have some incredible podcasts, and TED Talks health is no different. These podcasts topics range from small daily habits to improve your health to the latest scientific breakthroughs in the industry.

 If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of fitness and nutrition, then you need to give these a listen. 

Shredded by Science 

The clue is in the name - Shredded by Science is geared towards those with interest in the science behind keeping fit. 

This isn’t necessarily a podcast for your average gym goer and is geared more towards personal trainers. However, the science-driven content is great for anyone looking at expanding their knowledge and using the latest research to make the gains.

Found my Fitness

Hosted by Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a true expert in health and fitness, Found my Fitness is great for getting at the nutritional information out of the mainstream. 

Just like Shredded by Science, sometimes the jargon might go over your head, but it is worth sticking with if you’re in the market for some new fitness and nutrition tips and tricks. 

Nutrition Diva

If you’re looking to learn more about nutrition without being told you have to live on kale smoothies in order to get fit, then this podcast from dietician and culinary expert, Monica Reinagel, is the one for you. 

Each Nutrition Diva episode is only about 10 minutes long but covers new research or nutrition trends in an easy to digest manner. 

Get it? Easy to digest? We’re sorry… 

The Dumbbells

If you want some easy listening but don’t want to sacrifice accurate fitness and nutrition information, then The Dumbbells is the podcast for you. 

The hosts, Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger, both have a background in improv comedy, which comes through in every episode. The pair chat about current fitness trends and answer questions submitted by their listeners. 

So, there you have it – our first 5 fitness and nutrition podcasts you need to start listening to! 

Stay tuned for the next instalment and let us know your favourite podcasts in the comments below. 


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